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    • PACCAR Parts Opens the 100th Global TRP Store
    • September 01, 2017
    • PACCAR Parts is proud to announce the opening of the 100th TRP Store in Alexandria, Louisiana. TRP is PACCAR’s global brand of quality aftermarket replacement parts for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and buses.


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    • 5 AC Tips to Stay Cool this Summer
    • May 23, 2017
    • To some, air conditioning is just a luxury. To the driver safety system within a heavy-duty truck, however, the air conditioning system is vital. When the summer sun beats down on the metal and glass of an uncooled cab, the temperature inside can quickly exceed the temperature outside. This intense heat can put a driver at risk for heat stroke or slow their reflexes in critical situations. During a hot summer your truck’s AC system may work even harder than its heater did during the winter, so make sure it’s working correctly and efficiently with these simple checks.


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