Trust TRP® Remanufactured Brakes

Remanufactured brakes for heavy-duty trucks and trailers can be a sensitive subject. Trust the TRP Reman Brake Program’s remanufacturing process to provide a high-quality brake lining at a competitive cost. TRP reman brake products exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 121 braking requirements, because safety and quality are just as important to our team as they are to you.

Points to Consider
When looking for reman brakes for your vehicle, consider these questions:

  1. Do the brake linings meet FMVSS 121 requirements for their axle rating with an AL factor of 165, and does the brake program offer a breadth of linings within the 20,000-lb and 23,000-lb axle rating?
  2. Does the brake shoe remanufacturing process follow stringent Quality Control (QC) processes? Is the brake shoe cleaned, stripped down to the bare metal, and coined before it is painted and relined?
  3. Does an OE supplier with stringent process controls and wide national availability manage the operation? 

Features & Benefits of TRP Reman Brakes
TRP reman brake shoes are manufactured again—not just relined—in processes that meet the highest standards of cleaning, coining, and riveting. This translates into performance and durability you can rely on.

  • All linings are certified for their axle ratings with an AL factor of 165.
  • Every brake shoe is coined in a 1,000-ton press to restore it to OEM tolerances.
  • Lining development, selection, and quality control testing is performed in an OE R&D facility.
  • TRP linings are FMVSS 121-certified.
  • Made in the USA.

Brake Lining Certifications
Foundation brake manufacturers specify the AL factor for their brakes: the area for the brake chamber multiplied by the length of the slack adjuster. Knowing the AL factor of a brake lining makes an informed comparison between possible friction materials. All TRP linings are certified for their axle ratings with an AL factor of 165, representing an average application of the brakes utilizing a specific chamber (T30/30 cubic inches) multiplied by a 5.5-inch slack adjuster. It’s important to ask detailed questions about the brake lining and the test criteria to ensure that the rating reflects your application. 

Brake Lining Grades
TRP offers three grades of lining in both 20,000-lb and 23,000-lb axle ratings. Multiple options within a specific axle rating give you the ability to choose the right brake friction for your specific needs. Brake linings certified at 23,000 lb could be much too aggressive for some applications, causing the brake drums to wear prematurely or result in brakes that grab. Likewise, brakes certified at 20,000 lb may not provide sufficient braking power to stop some heavy vehicles. Be sure your lining is tailored to your application.

Read this article for a comprehensive overview of our grades of brake lining.