PACCAR Parts Introduces A New Line Of Bus Safety Equipment


PACCAR Parts has expanded its bus product line with new safety equipment, adding Spheros Bus SMART Roof Hatches and BESI Securements available to its network of dealerships nationwide.

“This new offering further enhances PACCAR Parts’ product breadth in the aftermarket bus segment,” said Bart Lore, general marketing manager for PACCAR Parts. “We are continuously bringing new products to market, enabling fleets to upgrade or maintain their equipment in one stop.”

Both BESI and Spheros combine the latest safety technology and ease of use to meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Roof hatches serve as ventilation hatches and emergency exits with an improved leak-free, low profile design and enhanced locking mechanism. An internal mounting option minimizes leakage, with no holes through the roof sheet or mounting frame. An easy emergency release complies fully with federal regulations, and re-latching takes just one movement, making hatch function checks fast and reliable.

BESI produces a variety of securement products to suit fleets’ needs and budgets. For simpler support, BESI Over the Shoulder Securements offer additional upper-body support in combination with a lap belt. BESI Securement Vests offer greater security, attached insert panels, adjustable shoulder features, and a range of sizes and inserts to fit any child. The BESI Pro-Tech Series provides both security and comfort with memory foam and lumbar support, while RF-welded seams prevent fluid penetration.

“Safety is the number one priority for bus fleets nationwide, and both Spheros and BESI are recognized as quality names in bus safety,” said Dale Puhrmann, national sales manager – bus segment for PACCAR Parts. “PACCAR Parts is proud to offer this protective equipment to our customers, helping them keep their buses in optimal performing condition.”

All Spheros and BESI products are tested to meet federal standards for safety.

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About PACCAR Parts:

PACCAR Parts operates a network of parts distribution centers that offers aftermarket parts sales support to DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt dealerships, and TRP Stores around the world. The company provides quality brands that not only meet OEM specifications, but also customers’ expectations regardless of the make, model or age of their truck.