TRP Power Steering Pumps


The power steering pump is the heart of the steering system. By delivering a constant flow of pressure to the steering gear, these pumps provide consistent steering performance. Choose quality and value when selecting your replacement power steering pumps, and enjoy peace-of-mind from the All-Makes Leader: TRP.

TRP power steering pumps are rigorously tested to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. By accurately forcing a specific amount of fluid per revolution of the input shaft at 2,175 psi of pressure, these pumps allow the steering gear to move at the correct speed and force.

A properly functioning steering system is designed to reduce driver fatigue allowing your driver to remain in control of the vehicle. Check your power steering fluid reservoir on a regular basis and immediately replace any leaking components.

Do not settle for might-fit replacements. TRP replacement power steering pumps are built with durable components that are made to last. Machined out of lightweight aluminum and backed by a TRP 1-year warranty, TRP pumps will provide you with the reliability, quality and value your fleet needs.