TRP Brake Drums: Stop With Confidence


You might not think about it when you press the brake pedal, but a great deal of research and refinement goes into the development of your brake drums. Problems such as shorter stopping distance requirements, heavy duty cycles, and brake fade require significant amounts of engineering and testing to ensure that your brakes will perform reliably.

You will find that kind of reliable performance in TRP brake drums, where quality and value intersect to produce replacement drums you can trust.

TRP brake drums are engineered to QS9001 quality control standards. This ensures consistent machining and metallurgical quality. Made in the USA, North American engineering, research and development resources stand behind the technology in each drum.

Cross-referenced to 13 of the most popular OEM models, TRP truck and trailer brake drums cover a broad spectrum of applications. Several models are hub-piloted for easier installation. Our workmanship warranty speaks to the quality of these drums, while our renowned TRP value means you can outfit a vehicle or an entire fleet without breaking your budget.

It is critical to find the replacement drum that suits your specific application so you get back on the road quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Head over to your nearest TRP retailer today, and keep braking with confidence.